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Date Leah


The Girlfriend Experience

Our time together will be whatever we decide it to be. I am a free spirit, some might say multifaceted. I could go from being a freak, full blown jezebel to cuddling and wanting to be babied as we sip on a glass of wine in the same encounter. Overall, in whatever we decide to do, I truly hope to build a relationship and connect with you because that is what makes everything better.





Hygiene: I am always fresh from the shower and impeccably groomed, I ask that you prepare yourself for our encounter by ensuring you are too. If you are coming straight from work or feel as if you need to freshen up, please let me know upon arrival. 

Donation: Donations are to be put in an unsealed envelope and kept on any visible surface you deem fit upon arrival. Thank you.

Screening: Please, it is important to provide at least one of the following when booking:

- Reference: A recent reference from an independent provider. Her name, website and contact info.

- ID verification: A photo of your driver's licence or passport.

- Work verification: A link to either your LinkedIn profile or company website that displays your name and contact info.



I take pride in knowing I have provided a healthy, safe and comfortable environment for you and I to enjoy our date and explore each other. I am open minded and easy going but will not tolerate any abusive behaviour in any form. Aforementioned, BDSM and other kinks in that regard are to be agreed on prior to your arrival in order for me to prepare accordingly. 

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