Welcome to my little bubble! Erotic Muse, Exotic Temptress. I have always enjoyed being sensual and intimate, preferably with mature men who are compassionate and this journey turned out to be the perfect solution I had been looking for all along. I relish the ability to easily connect with people who I would’ve never been able to reach otherwise, and I am very thankful for all the support I’ve received since I got started. 


I am currently in my early 20s, playful and bubbly but also an introvert around people I'm not familiar with. I am very articulate and pay great attention to detail especially when it comes to my work and interactions with other people.

My hobbies include painting, travelling, exercising, fashion, trying out new food / things and exploring different cultures. I have always been spontaneous and adventurous, it is a blessing and a curse. 


One of the first things you would notice about me right off the bat will most likely be my smile, I have been told one too many times it is contagious, instantly making you feel at ease. I am easy going and open minded so I assure you there is nothing to be shy about when it comes to our time together.


If you are into details, I am more than happy to provide. I weigh 145 lbs with a cup size of 34B. Waist at 29" and hips at 41", standing tall (somewhat) at 5'6 (167.64 cm). 

These are accurate and up-to-date measurements, however, there is no better way to get a feel of the package than in person. 





  • Veuve Du Vernay (Ice Rosé)

  • Wine (red for winter / white for summer)

Non-Alcoholic Beverages 

  • Freshly squeezed lemonade 

  • Coffee (morning only)

  • Sparkling water