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As I explored Twitter I ran into Leah and was so intrigued with her creative posts and fun loving online profile... but when I met Leah her fun personality and authentic nature led us to a deep connection.. all this facilitated an intense desire, which was matched by her and we fell into a sweet session of passion, I forgot time and troubles and escaped to a taste of paradise.. every session is better than the previous, she is a regular for me.

By - Ian Fleming 

Twitter Handle - @FlemingImf2020

(Open to being contacted via DM) 

Meeting Leah has been one of the best decisions I ever made. I found her when she worked with an agency and decided to book my first session with her. I have the best conversations with this young lady. I booked a session and I was amazed how gorgeous she looked in person (not that I expected anything less, her pictures speak for itself!). Very affable and classy. An hour session went to multiple hours and repeat sessions. I have known her for a few years now and would never have asked for a better companion. Time with her is very special indeed!

By - Ray Fantana

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(Open to being contacted via email)


Let me start by saying that the first time I saw Leah I was in awe of her natural beauty. 

Our first encounter we spent getting to know each other. She is the most down to earth, sincere, intelligent and beautiful woman I have had the chance to spend time with.  

I have had many dates with Leah since then and she has been a breath of fresh air through this troubling time. 

The latest date I had with her has brought our time to a whole new level, and she has me wanting to spend every chance I can with her. Without going into great detail I can say she is 100% worth every second you will spend with her. 

I will repeat time and time again!

By - Williams77 

Twitter Handle - William7719 

She makes me glow!  She make me beam.  Every minute with this beautiful woman is magic.  She is gorgeous and stunning and athletic and that skin ... my God!  And from those hypnotic eyes to the fiery Amazon glare!  Amazing!  Her genuine sweetness and how attentive she is in every moment is truly what got me hooked.  Every visit brings new comforts and more closeness.  And then a mutually respectful and sooo fulfilling relationship developed.  A little island paradise in this craziness.  So I guess I’m a fan!!  

By - JF Ottawa 

Twitter Handle - @JFOttawa 

I've had the pleasure of seeing Leah on multiple occasions.....she is everything you can ask for. Beautiful, great personality, awesome body. Every time we get together is special. Lots of fun and pleasure. I look forward to every visit 

- Anonymous

I've seen Leah multiple times during her tenure as an MA. Just couldn't stop going back. She is a very cute girl, model material, long legs with nice round thighs. Lean flat belly that I love with an ass that I nominate for an Oscar. She always wears sexy outfits...long black hair..very, very sexy.

Nice plump lips and beautiful sincere smile that lights up the room. Her hugs are very warm and she fits perfectly in my arms.

Not only is she a true GFE (that is, if your girlfriend was a porn star) the connection is instant, spontaneous, fun, relevant and well basically.. human. It feels real & cool; versus a simple transactional experience and that comes from her ability to connect and her sheer honesty.

I am not going to go into the mechanics of our meetings – obviously it is great or I would not be writing this and the perfect balance of GFE/PSE – what we did was perfect for me - my advice is simple: Talk with her and tell her what you want – she is real and has the ability to deliver what you ask – her ability to connect on the human level should leave you with that complete feeling of satisfaction – and that feeling is what makes the encounter special.

I can’t wait to see her again. Experience Leah like Ontario. She really is.. yours to Discover!


By - Mark

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(Open to being contacted via email)

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